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Monday, August 15, 2011

What I've been doing

I've been so focused on making jewelery for my latest venture that I haven't had any adventures to tell you about! I did go visit my Nana with Hay last weekend so we could get started on my dress for the wedding, but other than that it's been all work and working out. So, why don't we take this opportunity to check out my work, then you all can tell me how awesome it it, because really, who doesn't like to hear stuff like that?

There's my shop. I've only put  a few pieces up, but here are pictures of everything I've got for sale right now. Let me know if you see something you like, I'd be happy to sell any of these. ( Captions are for the picture above)

                                              This one is listed at $25.00 in my little shop :)
                                            This one isn't listed, but I'd sell it for around $20.00
                          This one is listed too, I love how glowy the green flowers are! $20.00
 I had made this one for myself at first, but thought it might make someone else happy too. $30.00
                                 I love this piece. It looks amazing when you put it on . $40.00
                                   My first statement piece. It's weighty, and complex.  $120.00
                             I made this one a while ago, it looks like springtime in necklace form. $ 40.00

Ahhh, shameless self promotion. You're almost better than coffee on a dreary Monday morning.

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