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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Paradise Found part II

So, after traveling for what felt like an eternity, we landed at MKK...Molokai Airport. I was about to face the toughest challenge of my marriage, the females in hub's family. Luckily for me, my M-I-L kicks ass, and is awesome. It was the nieces that I was more worried about. Imagine, trying to impress a bunch of preteen girls, all while being married to the favoriteset uncle of all time. Yup, I had my work cut out for me for sure. But again..either I'm blessed or just super blessed, because the girls took to me right away.

The girls. I was so scared of them!!

After some hugs, it was time to get back in the truck and travel some more, from one end of the island to the other for a huge family party. Maybe I should explain. Hubs doesn't get home much, so it's a big deal when he comes to visit. We managed to keep this visit a surprise from everyone except his mom. So the huge family party we were heading for? All for us, only nobody knew it yet. All I knew for sure was that I felt stinky and tired, and really really nervous. I mean, how big can an impromptu family party be, right?

There's people you can't see over there in the back.

When we pulled in, it looked like there were about 100 people there! Oh anxiety attack mode am I ever going to remember all these names? How will I know if I'm making an ass of myself? Good god, is that ALL FOOD??? It was all food, so much food and all of it smelling delicious. 

Everything under the foil is food. Yup, all of it.

Meeting hub's family was like nothing I ever experienced. There was no awkward period where you're all     "derp, what do I talk about now?" and no time where I ever felt unwelcome. It truly was an  amazing experience in what would become a month of adventures.  While I was busy trying to remember everyone's names and find a bathroom, hubs managed to catch up with his dad for a little quality bonding time. 

They look more alike when hubs isn't hiding his face.

After staying up way too late for our own good, we headed back into town. I couldn't wait to take a shower and get some rest. With the whole time travel thing, I think we'd ended up staying awake for about 48 hours, give or take a cat nap. Next up: our first week on the island or "Why I Don't Wear Sunblock"

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