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Friday, May 20, 2011

Psst...over here.

I'm not really sure what I wanted to write about this morning. I haven't posted in a while, as hubs had spring break last week, and I'm having a few technical difficulties with the new computer. It's nothing too serious, I just can't get my camera or Ipod to know, the two things that I always use and that I carry around in my giant purse. So I've been too annoyed to write if I can't add the pictures, and I REALLY wanted to add some new music...

Anyway, a few funny things have happened, and we have a ton of baby geese now, they're so adorable it's ridiculous. I have pictures, but...well, you know.
While hubs was home last week, we spent lots of time together and it was awesome. Tickle fights? Check. High volumes of video games played? Double check...including one 24 hour marathon. *Sigh* I felt like I was 18 again.. The weather has been crap lately, so we haven't gotten out on the bikes as much as we wanted to. Locals assure me that summer will be hot and dry, and honestly I'm not sure I believe them. We watched a lot of movies too, which often leads to snuggling and I just love that.

Oh, and there's also this thing..some Doomsday thing supposed to happen this weekend. I'm not terribly religious so I don't really understand the whole calender aspect of it, but there's this group out there saying that the end of the world is this Saturday.  I've got a link to a tract for ya :                                               
Hope that worked.It's pretty scary stuff, not really convincing to me personally but.. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the world isn't going to end. But just in case it does, good luck to everyone.

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