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Friday, April 29, 2011

Stupid modern technology

So this morning, I go into my wallet to pay a bill online, and what don't I find? My VISA card. Totally gone. It's not at the bottom of my purse, in my old purse or in any of the two jackets I've been wearing lately. Trying really hard not to panic, I think about the last place I remember seeing the card...and it's in my wallet. Yesterday while I was out grocery shopping. So that means I either dropped it at the store (not likely, since we had no money and I knew it, so I hadn't planned on even pulling it out) or some one with lightening fast fingers reached into my wallet while I was grabbing eggs and took it. Either way, I just spent some lovely time on the phone with my bank, cancelling the old card and getting a new one. Luckily there were no new charges attempted since yesterday ( Blizz tried to pay themselves and got denied....ouch!! ) so I didn't have to file a fraud report. The strangest part? The card with my bank access number and PIN on it was also gone. That card was in a completely different section of my wallet, and not easily identifiable as being associated with a bank. I also had a couple hundred dollars in cash in there, all of which is still accounted for. So what happened to my card? Any ideas? I've never lost anything like this before, and I don't want to again either. I'm due to get my new card in about a week, and with my luck, as soon as the new one arrives and is activated, I'll find the old one in the bathroom or freezer or something like that. Sometimes I'm so awesome I give myself a headache. Sadly, the lack of card means I can't do some of the things I wanted to today, like get the truck washed..although I might still be able to do that if I can find one that takes cash. That shouldn't be too hard, right? Enjoy the weekend y'all! OH....btw, Little Brother graduates from college this weekend, be sure to wish him good luck on Facebook!! Hearts and shit to everyone!

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