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Friday, April 8, 2011

Shiny things distract me

So I woke up with a fever the other day..nothing serious or life threatening..just enough to make everything seem unreal. I was at the grocery store and saw a lady wearing a mask of someone who got their ass kicked...then after staring for a second, realized that she had been in an accident of some kind. AWESOME. Nothing like totally breaking social taboos (like staring ) to make one feel awkward. To combat this fever (or perhaps to enhance the hallucinations), I've been drinking Mike's Margaritas (raspberry flavored) since the grocery store incident. I feel pretty good, actually. The combo of booze and seeing things really works for me. Thankfully I haven't had to drive anywhere but the train station today, because I think if I had to go far I'd be in real trouble.
   Hubs made supper last night and we watched Toy Story 3, and it was excellent. We ate fajitas and drank Mike's and laughed out loud to the antics of Woody, Buzz and the whole crew. Although I swear I had a fever spike in there somewhere, cuz there's no way they put a giant flame pit of death for toys in a kids movie. Way to turn the next generation into hoarders, Pixar. I also worked on a piece for myself, and lovely 5 strand necklace. I'll post pictures when it's done, as well as the one I made for Hay. Hers looks like sunshine on a string..I'm really proud of it.
I better stop writing now, if y'all could see some of the typos I'm making, no one would get anything else done today except laughing at the poor fevered girl.

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