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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weather Girls, where are you??

Well holy shit. I'm currently IM'ing with Indy, and boy howdy does she have a asston to tell me. Does anyone else remember the song "It's raining men (hallelujah)" by the Weather Girls? It's an oldie, from the 80's but it perfectly describes what's going on for her right now. It's a mansoon, literally. After her last break up, she joined one of those online dating sites, and has been getting favorable responses on the the tune of, oh I don't know..3 or 4 guys all interested in taking her out. Which is awesome, if anyone I know deserves some adult fun, it's Indy. She's raising 2 kids on her own, and has been doing a damn fine job for the past 10 years. So I'm glad she's finally putting herself first, she needs a solid partner. Annnnd as if having dudes fluttering around you like moths to a flame isn't enough, her ex sent her an email THIS MORNING telling her that she was right, he misses her and the kids. And that he loves her, and only realizes it now that it's too late.  All I can do from here is put a funny as hell spin on it, make some popcorn and enjoy the show. 

In other news, I've gotten some really great sleep this week..I'm thinkin it's the little peeper frogs in the brook across the street. The sound is just so soothing..listening to it makes me sleepy. Or maybe it was the 2 beers I had before bed..Nah, it's the peepers. I somehow managed to turn off/ignore both my and hub's alarm clocks 2 days in a row..a dangerous precedent. I actually woke up fully after 6 am today! Holy creeping hellfire, I usually only sleep past 6 on the weekend! What is going on here? Then, when we left for the train station, it was warm out. WARM...I thought it was warm out! So it must have been, like 60 or something. It reminded me of mornings in California, and that made me nostalgic, which made me work out harder than I should have (probably) and now I'm sore. All over the place. Which is great, it means that I'm getting to the muscles that need to be tightened up, but damn, that shit hurts like a mofo.

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