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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oh me oh my

I had mentioned on FB a while ago that I was making jewelery again, and thinking about an Etsy shop. Since then, I've added a new daily goal for myself..get one piece finished every day. Of course, some projects take longer if the design is more complex, but so far I've been able to stick to my plan. I've got some pictures of recently finished stuff..if you'd like to see them. (Warning: the quality isn't that super, only because I couldn't think of a suitable background..)
I made this one for myself, but I can certainly make another if anyone loves it.

This one looks like sunshine on a string.

Hmmm, this picture isn't doing the design justice. Trust me, it looks much cooler in person.

Ahh, I made this one for Hay. I hope she likes it!!

Now all I need is a clever name for my shop and I'll be all set. I was thinking " Eye,Me, Mine" with the "Eye" being a stylized eye graphic..I don't know though. Any suggestions?

Aside from straining my eyes with tiny tiny beads, I've also been trying to fine tune my workouts for maximum results. So far, what I've come up with for a schedule is something like 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, and strength training immediately following, with one or tow days of rest, depending on my mood. I feel pretty awesome about it, and am starting to notice small changes in my body already. Hooray!!
 Oh..remember that picture I posted on Valentine's Day of the outdoor bed? I was speaking to my landlady the other day, and she asked me if I had seen it. I said yeah, and how it looked like someone wasn't gonna get any lovins that day and we both laughed. Then she mentioned that other residents in our building had thought a homeless person was maybe taking shelter for the night on our steps, or that someone  (mainly Little Brother) came home too late and just slept outside. That made me laugh too, because Little Bro would sleep in his car before choosing hard concrete steps, and if he was locked out, he'd call the house phone or ring the buzzer and wake us up. I wonder what else our neighbors think of us? ( Not that I really care, I AM curious though..since we're so quiet and all, lmao!)

Something else exciting? Sure! Hubs recently upgraded his computer to a beast of a machine..all sleek and super fast. I'll post some pics of it soon, because....I'll be upgrading too! He is really too good for me, I swear! My new computer will be built and up and running as soon as all the parts get in, the case and new speakers arrived yesterday, so the rest can't be far behind. Which reminds me...must find transfer cable, so I can move all my shit off my old hard drive and onto the smokin hot new one. Squee!! So excited!!

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