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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random babbles

Ugh, I really need to either A) go to bed earlier (hahaha, like THAT'S going to happen) or B) develop a slight sleeping pill habit. I think in the past 2 nights, I've gotten maybe 5 hours of sleep total. I am so tired right now, I'm not even sure if I'm writing in English. It's a good thing I don't have anything more strenuous than laundry to get done today, because I think trying to use my brain while this tired is dangerous.
        Crap, I just looked at my calender, and hubs has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. Shit shit        shit...maybe I can squeeze in an hour's nap while clothes are in the dryer....

In other news, the whole working out and dieting thing seems to be going ok. I don't hurt like I used to, and just started a new thing called "eating breakfast" far I really like it. I had Cinnamon Roll yogurt and a granola bar, total calories: 260. I'll be following that up with my usual workout, and here's hoping I don't embarrass myself in a bathing suit this summer. Which reminds me...the pool in our complex opens up this week, so I should be able to add 30 minutes of laps to my routine. I am so so  so happy about that. Umm, what else...oh! I'm making stuff again, and will post picture of finished projects as they appear. Am thinking about an Etsy shop to get rid of some older projects that I'm not wearing, and wondering how this whole going into business for myself thing will work out. (HA..I made a funny)
Well, I'm going to go try cardio without falling over...let's hope my poor tired brain doesn't shut down from the excitement..

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