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Friday, June 10, 2011

Well shit on toast.

So, a while ago I decided to start taking fitness more seriously. I started walking, and riding my bike more ( thank you weather for cooperating finally!) and was doing pretty good I thought. Until this morning, where, during my ride with hubs to the train station this morning, my bike's rear tire was suddenly flat. And I mean flat, flat as a pancake or Ukrainian supermodel. Undaunted, I walked my bike home, brought it inside, filled the tire and waited a few minutes, then took it out again. Thank God and all my amazing psychic powers I remembered to bring the tire pump with me, because within just about two blocks, I had to fill the rear tire again. Two blocks later, my front tire was getting soft and the rear was flat again too. Now, this can mean only two things, either I ran over some glass somewhere and have a hole in my tires, or my ass is so fucking gigantic that I popped two bike tires. Either way, I'm not really having the best of mornings, and the cardio I chose to replace my ride didn't make me feel better either. And now it's getting cloudy out, so even though it's nice and warm, I can't even go outside to tan a bit, so I get to stay plump and pale for the next little while, since it's supposed to rain all weekend. I can't even think of any curse-words to accurately describe how frustrated I am. Maybe I'll go for a nice walk and enjoy the fresh air, and the challenge of not stepping in goose poop. Yeah, that's it. I'll make it like an obstacle course.. plus, since I had intended on making my morning all about exercise, I'm trapped in my science bra until hubs gets home and can help me take it off. No really..I can't get this bra off. Anyhow, since I hadn't written anything for a while and haven't had a good rant for even longer, just thought I'd share this *fantastic* morning I'm having. Hey, at least I don't have my period, that would just be the best icing ever on this crapcake. Cheers!

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