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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Wednesday shenanigans

I have insomnia, again. I think. I know I woke up today, but I don't feel like I got any sleep at all. My body hurts (prolly from the asskicking I've been giving myself..woot exercise!) and my brain is all foggy. For the first time all week it was nice enough to ride bikes, and both hubs and I were too tired to pull them out. Also,my rear tire was still a little soft, even after the patching we (hubs)  did last week. I had been thinking that maybe a nap would help, but I really have got to stop sleeping during the day, it's a terrible habit and one I don't want to develop. I'm wondering how awkward it would be to walk two bikes to the train station for when hubs gets out of school..prolly pretty awkward. Better not try it. So, yup, there it is, my crazy for the morning. All my chores are done, my workout is complete, and it's barely 8 AM. What shall I do now? Suggestions?

I need some mischief to get into..I know! I'll make something! Yeah...make something...*cricket noises*...ummm food related! Yeah! I'll start prep work for supper! Sweet! An idea that won't get me in trouble! Hooray! Have a good day y'all, hopefully something will happen this afternoon so I have an adventure to tell you about tomorrow.

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