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Monday, June 27, 2011

Girl talk ahead, whoo hoo!

I had a great weekend. There was quality time spent with Momstar and Hay, shopping for dresses for the wedding, and some super catch up snuggle time with hubs when I got back. Also, season 4 of True Blood started on Sunday, so I am super pumped about that too. Bur first..the fashion. I got 2 new party dresses, one is a black mini, with three quarter sleeves and a kind of shiny black pattern along the hem, it looks AWESOME, and the other is magenta ( sexy!) also a mini and has this super cute ruffled am I gonna look GOOD..can't wait to be tanner. As far as a dress for the actual wedding goes, Momstar will be making it. I bought the fabric at a fantastic shop in Brattleboro called Delectable Mountain.   (website: ; phone number 802-257-4456) My selection is a gorgeous antique gold Dupion silk, which I plan to pair with sage green and burgundy. Again, gonna look awesome.
Since Hay and I left on Friday in the early afternoon we thought we'd beat all the weekend traffic, and boy were we wrong. After being on the road for like, 3 hours, we decided to stop in at Bam's house for a quick leg stretch. I'm glad to report that Bam is doing well, after that fiasco a few weeks ago. And we even coined a new phrase.."double dipped hipster: a person who only lives in trendy cities, and is a douche in all of them."  This can also be used for people who suck, no matter where they are.  When Hay and I finally got to the parents house, we were beat, and thank heavens Moms had made us a fab dinner. Then it was movie time and sleep then shop, shop shop all day on Saturday. Saturday night we came back to the eastern edge of the state, and it was good to be home. Snuggles commenced immediately upon my return, and I haven't stopped smiling yet. Maybe I should go away more often..hee hee. I hope everyone else had a great weekend too, see y'all tomorrow!
                                                              I killed it this weekend!

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