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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brain words. Awesome.

Here are some of the thoughts that kept me awake all night. Oh, hello..I didn't sleep again last night. Hope y'all are hungry for some crazy..
    1: Why do birds hate me? Seriously..I've never hurt a bird. ( except for those babies I found when I was really little..I think they got cooked on the radiator. But that wasn't my fault! I was like..6!!)  Is it because I like turkey and chicken? Is that it? I've had more bird attacks on my person than Tippi Hedren.
    2: Why is it so hot in here? I had a fan blowing on me...normally I HATE that..something about the moving air makes me think I have tiny spiders all over me.
   3: Where did all these tiny spiders come from??
   4: Is it funny to make up words? What is funny? Am I funny? Hubs is REALLY funny...Bams and Indy are funny too..clowns..not so funny. I'm thirsty.
(That's an actual quote that worked on me for about 40 minutes. I finally had to write it down so I could move on.)
   5: I wish I was seeing faster results from all my dieting and exercise. I literally hulked out of my favorite bathing suit yesterday, snapping the little hook thing that keeps the top closed. Luckily I was still at the house..because if it had happened at the pool...well, awkward only starts to describe it.
   6: I still can't get my camera and ipod to connect with my new computer. I'm starting to give up. I'm not happy about this. Who do I call about fixing this again? Oh yeah...Apple. Hmm, I hate those guys..who else can I call about this?? Hmmm

So you get the basic idea. Last night I turned into a crazy(er) bitch than usual and kept myself awake with all types of nonsense. This morning I'm clumsy, foggy in the brain and a tiny bit grumpy. Not a lot, just enough so that if I get too frustrated today I'll have a melt down like an overstimulated 4 year old.

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