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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oh yeah, it's summer

It's been a while since I've written to y'all, sorry about that. But you know how it gets in the way and suddenly you realize it's been way too long since you've done what you love...anyhow, how 'bout I tell ya what I've been up to? Heh heh yeah.. story time.
Hubs is off this week, and it was the fourth of July last Monday, so to celebrate both of these happy events, we went on a little trip. Our first stop on the whirlwind tour was dinner with Bams and a few friends of hers. I normally have social anxiety about meeting new people..that's why I sit at my desk and write and make stuff. I used to be able to handle crowds..but not anymore. Hubs is the same way, for different reasons obviously. We both just like to be at home, where it's quiet and we can talk or not talk as we like. We're really quite perfect for each other that way. So I was super pumped to be seeing Bams, nervous about meeting new people and really really hungry for dinner after a long hot day on the road in a car with no stereo. Turns out I had no reason to be nervous at all. Bam's friend from The City was awesome and an amazing chef, and the surprise guests were great too! Conversation and drinks flowed easily, the food was delish, and we all ended up falling asleep watching a french cartoon. Hubs had a good time too, finding it easy to talk to people he'd never met.I even met a fan of my little blog! ( Sorry I won't mention any names...protecting the privacy of the innocent and all that..) The only downside was that the jello shots we brought to the party weren't that good, but they were pre-made, so don't look at me, MY jello shots are awe-inspiring and tasty and get you shwasted fast. Anyhow, as we were sitting around enjoying the evening, fireworks started going off all over the place, some neighbors were having a private show and the town we were in had their show around the same time. It makes me remember where hubs and I were at this time last year...outrunning both a heat wave and a massive storm system across the southwest. We actually watched fireworks for about 3 or 4 hours last year, since the highway we chose ran close to towns all over the place.

When hubs and I woke up the next day, we were still in the chair we'd been sharing to watch the movie..and it was so adorable I wish someone had taken our picture. Anyhow, it was early enough in the day that we decided to get back on the road to beat holiday traffic, and our plan totally worked. After stopping for breakfast foods at the grocery store, and driving through torrential rains..we arrived in Shelbcity. The parents were stoked to see us, and after a hearty breakfast ( I'm talking 18 eggs and nearly a pound of bacon plus coffee! HEAVEN!) we commenced to chatting. All in all it was an excellent visit, Hay and 2A12 came out and we had a BBQ, the only person missing was Little Brother, but he was working that day. We all got a little drunk from the double coco-nana drinks and sleep was very welcome. The trip back to our place was fine too, traffic cooperated with us so hubs didn't have to go postal on anyone. And after all that, we're still on vacation. I wonder where we'll go next?

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