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Friday, January 14, 2011


I don't transition well.
  For those of you that know me, you'll all know this to be true. I don't enjoy the act of change (although the results are often awesome). This holds true for almost all aspects of my life, and is most evident in my inability to be a morning person. As long as I can remember, waking up has been an unpleasant and difficult process.  I'm groggy, cranky, and clumsy. As a child, I would show this displeasure by sleeping almost until I had to leave for school, skipping breakfast, and still nearly being late. I give all the credit to my mom, who IS a morning person, for my good attendance record.
  As an adult, I learned to compensate for this flaw in my personality by getting up much earlier than I need to. On days when I have to be somewhere, or talk to people outside of the house, I have to get up at least 2 hours beforehand. I don't like it, but it's true. This worked well when I was doing the corporate thing, working in an office with other humans, some of whom like to be awake when it's still dark and freaking cold.
     Now, as a person who knows this about herself, and accepts it..why on earth would she marry a man who's schedule demands that he get to work at five am, sometimes four. or even earlier? Knowing I need to be up for two hours before I can do anything safely, well let's just say that my day starts much earlier than yours. And you know what? It's OK. I'm super jealous of everyone who can sleep in until the sun rises, but by then, I'll be fully awake and fit for human conversation. When my husband decided to leave the Marine Corps. I really thought I'd be able to maybe..just for a while..get to try to "sleep in". And I did! For an entire summer, I slept until nine or so..loving that when I got out of bed, the floor would be warm, the sun would be well up and the weather beautiful. It was awesome. But I noticed I wasn't getting as much done in the day. Chores and tasks that I had laid out for myself weren't getting done. It took a while to recognize what was happening, but I realized that I missed getting up early. I was missing the satisfaction of knowing I had everything done that was needed for the day by noon. And if they weren't..I still had all afternoon before the hubs would be home and ready for supper. I'm glad to be getting my mornings back. Hubs starts school next week, and I am really looking forward to those few extra hours back in my day.

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