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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thirsty Thursdays

So, as many of you know, it snowed here in New England. Again. We got about 13 inches at our place, resulting in school delays for the hubs and me having to move the car every hour so they can plow. On days like today, I really just want to sit back, watch the snow and have a drink or 7...but alas, that plan is not to be. At least, not yet. See, the problem is that being tipsy all day sounds cool, until you have to drive in the super slippery mess passing itself off as pavement outside. Drunk driving in good weather is stupid, drinking and driving in THIS crap is suicide. Even if it's just "around the corner", or "down the street"...still not a good idea. Of course, hubs didn't have to drive anywhere today, so he started his morning with a Raspberry Woodchuck. Delicious!!

There it is, nestled in it's own chilly holder. The snow was so deep when we went outside, that our first steps put it well over the tops of our boots. I feel kind of bad sitting here now in my nice warm room in dry clothes, knowing that poor hubs has to walk through downtown Boston twice today. I can't imagine that the sidewalks are all cleared off, so he'll more than likely be soaked all day. I think that's what I hate most about winter, the whole being damp thing. And cold. And the short days. And how long it takes to warm up the car..jeebus, I better stop now or I'll be writing this shit all day.
So, yesterday morning I decided that it would be a good idea to stock up on some foodstuffs in case we lost power or got snowed in or something. What I always seem to forget though, is that other people have the same idea, meaning that the grocery store was an unholy mess and the lines to check out were ridiculous. While standing in my line of choice, ( I somehow ended up with black pepper, rosemary, toilet bowl cleaner, sponges and face wash....don't ask me how ANY of that translates into dinner.....) there was a nice gentleman standing behind me. As we waited our turn to get the hell out of there, it started snowing. What makes this interesting, is that it didn't flurry first, there were no individual flakes falling was like someone pulled down a curtain and BAM..blizzard. So I'm looking at the snow thinking "shit" and looking at my future purchases thinking I should probably get some cereal or something when the guy behind me puts his stuff up on the checkout belt thingy. He's got a 12 pack and a box of Twinkies. I look at his stuff, look at my stuff and say something like "Glad we've got the essentials at least". He laughed like I said the funniest thing ever. I know I can be amusing sometimes, but his reaction was a little over the top, even for me. And I like stuff like this....
So, to recap...winter sucks, I wish I was getting drunk all day, moving the car can be hazardous, Twinkies and beer are awesome, and watch out for Jaws. Especially if you go for strolls on the ocean.

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