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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Couple Quickies

Ok, two short stories before I hit the sack tonight...
   A few nights ago, little brother took a shower. No surprise there, as he's normally quite clean. When he's done, I go to use the bathroom, and before I turned on the lights, I saw a large dark shape on the counter. My first thought was "BEAR!!!! OMG there's a BEAR in my bathroom!!!" Turns out, little brother just left his robe crumpled up on the counter. Why I thought bear is anyone's guess...but there ya go.

  Tonight was hub's birthday. We spent a lovely day, taking shots, playing video games and watching movies on the couch. As we're getting ready for bed, he notices that we're out of smokes, and I volunteer to bundle up and go get some. Since I'm going out, I ask if he'd like anything. He says "Yes please, a HUGE bottle of water..I can't drink the tap water anymore babes, it's gross." OK, so now I need to find a store with smokes and water. But it's no problem, I think to myself..I'll just hit the Korean market, grab water, Camels and maybe a Japanese Kit-Kat in cucumber flavor as a treat for myself. Snag one: the Korean market is closed. OK....I can hit the other convenience store up the street..settle for some American chocolate and call it a night. Snag two: the other store (called, of all things the "Dairy Carousel") is also closed. Nearing panic mode now, I turn to my trusty GPS, and it finds me a Cumby's about a half mile away. Awesome!!!! Except third choice of store is now a parking lot.
Thank the gods the neighborhood liquor store was still open, so at least hubs will have an ice cold Gatorade when he wakes up. Oh, and little brother brought home chocolate too, the night is saved!!! 

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