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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Helloooo Nurse

Greetings all. I thought after the fire of yesterday,I might switch it up a little and share some of the things that relax me and help me from going on murderous rampages on a daily basis. I'll be adding links when I can, so you can all experience the joy. Let's start with music...ahh the sweet sounds of Lilly Allen, or my personal bassy favorite..DBMK. Here's a link to their soundcloud page..good stuff here!

DBMK is two friends of mine, ed:e armand and Jack McDevitt. They run on steak, pono and pure awesome. If you like parties, check them out in either Providence RI or Boston, where they appear regularly at both Rise and Therapy. You can check them out on Facebook too..
Another great music site is . It's a streaming radio site where you can upload mixes of your favorite songs to make your own playlist, or enjoy the work of others, all neatly organized and labeled.

Music is great, but sometimes you need a good laugh, that's probably why I check out on a daily basis. Just when you thought you had it bad..
"Today, I got turned down from a job I really wanted. Six hours later, the guy called me again and delivered the same news, not realizing he had already called this morning. Thanks for rubbing it in. FML"

And for those of us who are, or have been in the service industry, there's
It's perfect. The stories are hilarious, and you know you've seen or been through some, most or all of the silliness that is working with these people.

Oh yes, before I forget.. for all my Western MA peeps, there's actually a webcomic set in Noho that's pretty excellent. It's and it's been running 5 days a week since 2003. When I was in Cali, it helped with the homesickness.. and it's really quite funny. Not for kids, of course. The best stuff never is though.
   (As an aside, I just looked out my window, and if the weather channel wants to be right today, it has to stop snowing RIGHT NOW. I mean, like immediately. Jeeze people, enough already!!)
  Well, I think, since it's snowing like a bastard, I'm going to go work out.. now the question is, do I play music or not ? Hmmmmmm after yesterday, I'm thinking yes. And I feel like disco. So suck it douchknocker...hope you like the Doobie Brothers.

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