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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something deep and meaningful..

I've been rolling this idea around in my head for a few days that I wanted to say something important about friendships. Something poetic and beautiful, that shows my deep love and appreciation for the people I care about. But everything I try in that vein sounds schlocky and cliched..I feel like it's not original and that the words weren't expressing how I really felt. It's annoying. I can think beautiful thoughts, form sentences that roll off the tongue and resonate within..but when I try to get them out..they suck. So, instead I'll just write what I feel and see how it goes. OK.
   I think that having good friends, the kind that answer when you call and really listen when you talk is both the greatest luxury and most precious gift on the planet. I think that because it's rare. Look at your (social network) profile of choice and make a list of the people you could call crying at 4 am on a Wednesday and not feel awkward about. The list is probably pretty short, right? Mine is, and although I know lots of people, and count most of them as friends, I more than likely would only call 5 or 6 people in that situation. Why? Maybe it's just me..I'm not really a sharing type. And that's a little sad. One of the things that makes being human bearable is our ability to connect with others, share experiences and dreams. I feel like I'm missing some vital element in the whole "friend"....thing. (See? Sucks, right? Told you...)
                So, before I dive off the deep end and into weepy emotional land, I'll cut it short.
To all my friends, I love you. You are important to me. You matter to me. I want to hear about your day, and I want to tell you about mine. If we're far apart and haven't spoken in a while, I'm sorry. I'm bad about picking up the phone and calling. But know that I miss you, hope you are doing well and are deliriously happy. I'm doing fine, love being married and am worried about the economy. Hubs has started school, freeing up a little time for me to be able to share my crazy out here on the Internet. I think it's going well. How are the kids/pets/work/school?  Excellent.  Maybe when we all have more time and money we can get together and have supper or a drink. That would be cool. Maybe we could do something fun, like build a blanket fort, watch old movies or have a light saber battle. That would be super cool.
   And now that I've gotten that off my chest, I feel better. It didn't come out as elegantly as I had hoped, but this early in the morning, I'm just pleased that it doesn't look like slgkjfldgodijtr iwrjgs fkj.  So, hopefully everyone has a great day today, I'm certainly going to try my best.

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  1. I will have lightsaber-wielding, fort-building day with you anytime!