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Monday, January 24, 2011


Oh first rant of the new year! I am so excited to share this with you all!!!! Check's well after 9 on a Monday morning..I'm working out with music on. Not too loud, our stereo goes to 30, and I had it set at maybe 14. Less than half goddammit. Suddenly, there's this pounding coming from my a three year old temper tantrum. Loud and repetitive. For a while. So I shut off my music, stop my workout and go upstairs to see what the issue is. Hooray for meeting new neighbors...except when they are douchey cave dwellers who walk like elephants. All the time. Now, I'm a very down to earth person, and I think my gesture of going upstairs to apologize proves that. But this asshat didn't accept my apology, and instead scolded me..ME about what time it was. Uhhh excuse me fuckstick, I've been up since 5 am, and I WAITED until a reasonable hour to even make any noise. AT ALL. Now, I don't want to be rude (too late, apparently! haha) but for reals..if this guy wants rude downstairs neighbors..I can play that role. I'd be good at it too. The only thing stopping me right now it the fact that a baby lives across the hall, and it doesn't make much noise, and I'm sure that my super bassy whomping music (DBMK anyone?) would disturb it's little nap time. I don't like people as a rule, and this just confirms my suspicion that most other humans suck massive amounts of donkey dick for pay. If the upstairs douche wanted to talk about when would be appropriate to play loudish music, I'd be down for that...or at least I would have been before this morning. I do believes that this means war..and I've got a lot of weapons in my arsenal. My only concession will be to tell the nice landlady about what's going on before I start..but she's awesome (example: when you don't move your car so the parking lot can be plowed, your car gets the other side of the complex. AWESOME!! And something I would do..) and I think she'll understand where I'm coming from..muahahahahah


  1. umm... YES!!

    and I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep writing funny shit like this.

  2. Yah know what I hate my downstairs neighbors doing....
    smoking crappy ass weed in the house, and stinkin up my apt.