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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh the weather...

Ugh....writer's block. And little brother just woke up..maybe he'll provide some right back....gah..he's has nothing funny to report either. Well, that's what happens when you stick two non-morning people in the same house before noon...we're too groggy to do or say anything.
 So, in lieu of jokes or funny stories, here's a picture of a kittie.

It's Wes, looking like I feel...grumpy. This was taken during our trip across the country in a big truck with all our worldly goods in it. He was grumpy because it was well over 100 degrees outside, he's stuck in a fur coat and the A/C wasn't helping much. I'm grumpy because it's cold, I don't have a fur coat (not that I'd wear REAL fur, I'm just sayin..) and I have to go out in an ice storm to get food. BLAH. Maybe something funny will happen on my way to the store..*fingers crossed*

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