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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Chocolate

 This was outside my apartment building this morning. Looks like someones not gettin any lovins today. Fortunately it was warmish..but still...Happy freakin Valentine's day, right? I think you'd have to pull something really shady to get this kind of special treatment on this of all days. Maybe someone forgot the flowers? My plans for Valentine's day aren't nearly as entertaining..I'm going to get the car details for the hubs, make an excellent dinner..I'm thinking steak of some kind, and his gift.
Before I show you what I've got for him though, a little background. My husband is a god when it comes to cooking. Friends on Facebook have seen pictures of his masterpieces, some of you have even eaten some. He speciality though, is the grill. Here's the grill we got him for his birthday:
                                                               OOO Shiny!

And here's his gift....(I have to admit,I'm a little proud of this...)
Yes, it is a mini grill!! Full of CANDY. AWESOME!!!!!I totally win at Valentine's day!! I can't wait for him to get home so he can see it and love me even more. (Also in this picture, my wrist puppy, some camels, and the gummy worms I filled the grill with.) I was going to write something serious and poignant about love today, but since I haven't slept yet, this is what you get. Ta Da!! Hooray! Now, if I could just summon up some love in the form of a nap, we'd be in business.

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