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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Afternoon delight

Just a quick note today, with a question. My visit with Hay yesterday was awesome! We had so much fun, shopping and making things! Towards the end of the visit though, she said something that struck me. She asked me how I kept my skin so clear, and my pores so small. Surprised, I asked her the same thing.  An innocuous exchange, to be sure. But when I look at myself in the mirror, I see giant blackheads (EWWWW gross! I know!!) and scars and flaws. I played off the question, telling her the face washes I use, and I don't think she knew how bothered I was by it. Now, the much of your reflection is real? If what you see when you look at yourself isn't what you really look like, how can you trust your own eyes? Is it a manifestation of some psychological disorder? Or is it something else? Why don't I know what I look like? Why don't you?

Here's a shot of me and Hay from yesterday, you can see my fab new hair color, and our apparently awesome skin. Enjoy the weekend!

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