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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mischief managed

 **I am very random this morning, I'll try in editing to make sense of what comes out today, but no promises.**

Hee hee hee..this morning I found and watched a short film by a band I love. Not a big deal, except I forgot what time it was and played it pretty loud, as the soundtrack was bomb. I was just about to start watching it again, when I looked at the time. O.o!! Naughty!! Loud music at 6:30 am!! I am surprised to report that the douchelord upstairs didn't make a peep..if you want to check out the film I think I linked it on my facebook this morning too. Best if played loud, it's NSFW at all, although the accents make it hard to tell.

I wish I had an accent.

So last weekend, hubs and I got bikes. Hooray!! Bikes!! I am totally excited to start riding again, and can't wait to be outside with the wind in my hair. Just as soon as my period goes away and I stop feeling like I got punched in the vagine. Seriously, this shit hurts. I'll post pictures of our hot new rides later on. And the dorky safety helmets too. I think I want a full face motorcycle helmet instead..that would be much cooler.

I just hit my mouse, and because of the super slippery bottom surface, it just went flying off my desk. Awesome. Spent a few seconds trying to figure out how to get it out from under there...maybe I should make coffee this morning. Nah.

Yes, coffee is the best idea ever.

Hmmm, let's see, what else? Oh, my crazy reached new levels when I started reading "The Vigilant Citizen"..
here's a link.  you'll see what I mean if you check it out. I wish I could say I disagree with what he's writing, but I am having a hard time not resorting to name calling.

Not too many chores to do today, I'll clean the house, make some phone calls and hopefully take the bike out if it's not raining. Even though it'll hurt, health is more important, as is a smaller ass.
And I'll write more too. But for now, coffee. Here's a picture to cheer you up on a dreary day.

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