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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art Camp!!

Even though it's snowing right now, I'm still in a pretty good mood. Tomorrow, I"m going to my sister Hay's  house for a full day of Art Camp. That's when you pull out all your coloring books and craft0-type stuff and make projects and messes all day. I really can't wait. I haven't had an Art Camp in years, and I've got a fire in my belly to make some jewelery. Wow, I just realized that none of you knew I had a sister! Totally my bad!! I guess I haven't written about her because she's got a normal life, with a job and a fiance and I don't want to blow up her spot with my crazy all the time. However, since she's getting married in the fall, I'll be mentioning her more and more as we do wedding stuff together. Other than that, and the fact that I nearly ran over 6 pedestrians yesterday afternoon on my way to the grocery store, not much else is happening around here. Little Brother is gone for a few days, hubs is at school, and I'm thinking about dying my hair this morning. After the workout, of course. Here's a picture for you.....

It corresponds with the dream I had last night. Hubs and I were adopting 5 kittens!! They were adorable, and came in all different colors. My favorite was the emerald green one, although the white one had the softest fur. An old friend was in the dream too, doing the limbo surprisingly well. My subconscious is really weird. Oh, and everyone was wearing button down shirts with stripes on them, only I couldn't get my shirt all the way closed. (Damn you fabulous rack!!) Anyhow, as I have no idea how long this hair project is going to take, i should probably go get started. If I am successful in NOT turning my hair bright orange, I'll post a picture, either here or on Facebook.  Til then, tootles!

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