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Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh boy!

Oh it's Friday!! Hooray!!! I am totally excited today, because, as I mentioned yesterday, it's Art Camp day at my sister's house! The fire in my belly to get creative is nearly overwhelming. It's all I dreamed about last night, and I may have to stop writing to do a little happy dance. Also, it didn't snow here much, so that makes me happy too. And my hair is NOT orange like I feared, it's more of a soft coppery color with my natural dark brown low lights. I think it looks pretty awesome and I cannot wait to be tan again to see how it looks. The only sour note in my song of today is a stiff neck that I can't seem to get rid of. I'm hoping that Tylenol and a hot shower will help before my drive to Hay's house, otherwise the highway will be awkward to say the least. On the whole though, I feel that both Hubs and I are very lucky to have come through flu season with only minor colds.
       I have a request for you, my dear readers....I recently installed a poll at the bottom of my blog, asking what I should write about next. Please, if you have any suggestions, memories or themes you want me to make hilarious, let me know! Sometimes an entire day will go by with nothing funny happening, and when that occurs, I'm forced to write shit like this, which; let's be honest, is kinda boring. Hopefully I'll be making a special Saturday edition with tales of my day today..but we'll see.

And now, in honor of the weekend and the approach of spring, I give you......FIREWORKS!!! OOOOOO AHHHHHHH

Hooray! Celebrate the weekend! Enjoy the day!!

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