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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, I've been working on this in my head for a while now. I had this idea about sharing with y'all some of the funny shit hubs says before we go to sleep, but I couldn't figure out how to present it. Finally, I just decided to lay it all out there, in dialog form with small introductions to set the mood. Ready? OK, here we go...
  Scene 1: We're in bed, snuggling. I'm trying to get hubs arms around me more tightly.
Hubs: OWW! My arms don't bend that way!!!
Me: Why not?
Hubs: Physics, asshole.
I had to get up and pee I was laughing so hard. He sounded so indignant; it was adorable.

  Scene 2: A tickle fight. I'm losing..badly.
Hubs: Ew, you're spitting on me.
Me: (giggling and in a mock serious voice)...I'm sorry. I'll try..not to.
Hubs: Hey!
Me: It's the thought that counts!!
Hubs: Not when you're spitting on me.

  Scene 3: Later in the tickle fight...I'm still losing and can now barely breathe..
Me: Ow! Hey, no pinching!!
Hubs: (With faux Mexican accent)But I have peeenchers!

Oh man, we are just too funny. Here's a picture of a bunny.

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