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Friday, March 4, 2011

Danger Will Robinson, DANGER!!!!

So, this morning, I realized that hubs is a very dangerous man. And not just because he was in the Marines, and could kill a man 20 bajillion different The danger I'm talking about is waaayy more insidious. And terrifying. Take this morning, as a perfect example. All the world knows that my alarm goes off at the asscrack of dawn, because I need to be awake for a while before I can function in normal human society. Well, I heard my alarm this morning, hit snooze, then hit snooze again, and again. Awesome. So far, a normal morning. Then...I didn't hear my alarm anymore. Someone had turned it off. Being comfy and warm, I ignored the feeling that something was amiss.
                                             See? Look at how innocent and sleepin I am.
Anyways..I'm not sure what woke me up..possibly the nightmare I was having (little brother as a kid, child-snatched by Cthulu in a movie theater...!!!!!) or the fact that light was starting to come in the window, but I woke up like you see in movies...fully aware and sitting bolt upright in my bed. Scrambling for my phone, I can't believe that it's after 6AM. AFTER 6 AM!!!! We're supposed to be at the train station in 10 minutes!!! FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!
  So..the danger. When we're sleeping, hubs radiates heat like an oven. A warm, snuggly oven. And without my alarm, I want to stay close to this oven, where nothing bad can get me and I can dream about puppies, rainbows and candy mountain. Or Cthulu taking my little brother, whatever. Hubs, of course IS a morning person ( I call him ActionMan) he just nonchalantly  rolls out of bed and starts getting dressed. I'm kinda freakin out...and he says.."well, good thing I could always take the later train." Wait..there's a later train?
The funniest part? He doesn't remember turning off my alarm, and I know I didn't do it, so we either have ghosts, or he's more dangerous asleep than I thought.

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