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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dramatis Personae

So, we've been together long enough that I feel it is important to introduce some of the people you'll be reading about. Because some of the stories I tell are embarrassing, I usually use aliases for people, but I thought it might be nice to have faces (or icons, as I didn't ask anyone's criminal!!) to go with the silly nicknames...without further ado, here we are, bedhead and all.
Me: Hello, I'm Jamie. I write stuff, make messes and probably drink too much.  I think deep thoughts and don't express them well, unless I'm trying to be funny. I'm married, and if the last 4 years are any indication, my primary hobby is moving. SWEET.

Hubs: Ahh, my husband. The sweetest killing machine I know. A former Marine, and all around action man, his hobbies include making me laugh myself silly, being a bbq god and trying to teach me kung fu. He hates, absolutely HATES having his picture taken, which is too bad, because I am a photo ninja and will take a snapshot whenever he's not looking.

Little Brother: Also called LB, he's actually quite a bit taller than I am. Even though I've got 10 years on him, we look alike, only I have more longer hair. He grows a better beard though. He loves to be outside, and is heavily involved in the outdoor recreation industry. Ask him if you want to be outside doing stuff, he'll have many cool ideas, and probably want to go with you. He's also stubborn (wonder where he gets that from??) and hilarious, so there's no doubt that we're related.

Indy:  My BFF. I've known her it almost 6 years now? Yeah, it has been that long. She's kind, loving and has the nicest kids I know. She has helped me through some really bad times, and has seen me cry, laugh, fall in love and stood up with me at my wedding. If she ever needs anything, I hope she knows to call me, because I would do anything for her. MUAH!

Bambi: Or Bams, as I like to call her. My other BFF, much missed.  She's elegant, graceful, artistic and super smart. We've been friends for well over 10 years now, but lost touch for a good bit of that time through no fault of our own. I'm hoping that the future sees us having many wine fueled adventures, hopefully those adventures include shopping, and eating.

Well, that's us. The basic cast of characters in this crazy show I call a life.
     omfg I'm in the middle of something what do you want.  babes...why are you doing this?  I was very close to done, and you just came in here and disrupted the whole thing......happy?  you're funny :).  I'm leaving all of that, I'm leaving all of that...because it's hlarious!  You spelled hilarious wrong.  Don't do anything to my blog.  "sigh".  blah blah blah.../slap.  
I was just a kiss ninja. Hubs came in to see what I was doing, and somehow managed to take over my keyboard. He distracted me with kissed, the rat! He thought he'd show off his typing skills by writing everything I was saying without looking. He's very cute. *Sigh*

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  1. OOh OOOH OOOOH...
    That's me!!!
    I'm Indy the love birds---love my pic philosaraptor!! <3 <3 <3