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Monday, March 21, 2011

Wacky Weekend

Let me set the scene for you....picture a lovely Friday afternoon, hubs is freshly out of school and we decide that wine is an excellent idea. We ride our bikes over to the store, and hubs picks up 3 bottles of a brand we've been wanting to try. We bike home (lovely) and have a glass or five (also lovely). Soon it's dark out, and we're thinking about supper. I casually mention that I could cook something, possibly chicken, maybe some steaks, but no..hubs has a craving for cheeseburgers. Well OK, I can't argue against cheeseburgers. So, we ask Little Brother if he wants to come for a ride. He hubs and I set off on a wine fueled adventure. (What will be the first of many over the summer I'm sure.) As we're waiting for the car to warm up, it's noticed that we need gas..and that the closest gas station that would still be open is across town. Destination set, we head off into the night, singing along with the radio and giggling. The gas station wasn't that exciting. Neither was traffic. But oh my friends, when we pulled up to the burger joint of choice..hubs informs me of his plan. " I think I want 30 double cheeseburgers, " he says nonchalantly. I laugh, thinking "13? That's a lot!" But when we pull up to the drive through window, and he orders, very politely 30 double cheeseburgers...well..I almost peed. The nice person in the speaker asks us to please hold on a second, then gives us our total. When we pull forward to pay, the second nice person asks us if we'd mind waiting "over there" waving at the parking lot a little. Sure, no problem..we pull around and park. Meanwhile, I'm still laughing so hard I can hardly breathe, imagining the expressions on all those little faces in the fast food kitchen. After 5 minutes or so, we decide to go into the restaurant to pick up our food. Apparently, this particular burger joint is the place to be on a Friday night, as the "Kidzone" was full and the dining room (if you can call it that) was pretty packed too. I show the chickie behind the counter our receipt, and she says "Oh, YOU'RE the ones.." I felt famous. She hands me a bag weighing, I shit you not, at least 5 pounds. Then she hands me another one. "We're still making the last 10." she says.  As hubs and I are standing there, folks from the kitchen are taking peeks at us. I wondered how many people had updated their Facebooks via cell phone..something like " Who orders 30 double cheeseburgers??" or " Some asshat is having a heart attach tonight!" Have to confess, I thought about updating my own FB, but decided to wait and see how everything played out. So, food in hand, we head home, hatching plans to pull similar stunts again at different restaurants.  We get back to the house, and feast on double cheeseburgers. Little Brother cannot believe his eyes. I jokingly mention that we have cheeseburgers enough to last the entire weekend. Hubs and LB discuss how hilarious it would be to do something like this again, only at lunch time. And with more people. I add that I think it would make a great short film. We all laugh uproariously. ( By the way, it's now Monday morning, and there are still 4 cheeseburgers left..) I should have taken a picture, but I was too busy stuffing my face. Next time though, I promise. 

Yes, that's Randy. If you don't know who he is, Google "Trailer Park Boys" and watch it all. You'll thank me, hopefully with giant sacks of cheeseburgers.

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