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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Make it nice

Last week, on Facebook, I mentioned a strange smell coming from somewhere in my apartment. It was the oddest thing, reeking of dead fish and burned electronics, and it seemed to be coming from the bathroom closet. Now, the only thing we keep in that closet are our linens; towels and sheets and the like. For there to be a dead fish in there meant that I would have to had packed a sardine or something in that stuff back in California, or that something crawled in while we stayed at my parents house in Western Mass. Since neither of these situations are possible, really, the smell was a total mystery. Until yesterday. Hubs gets up early with me, and while he was getting ready for school, he noticed that we didn't have any hot water. I thought "Huh, that's odd. Maybe he just didn't wait for it to get warm before shaving..." But no, when I took a shower later on in the morning, the water never got hot. (Sadly, I didn't realize this until I was already IN the shower, again figuring that it just needed a little time to warm up I had hopped in and gotten all soapy.) Oh how the halls did ring with my shouts of "FML it's cold...Oh god, why..etc" as I rinsed off.  Drying off and getting dressed never felt so good, let me tell you. I called the office and spoke to our awesome landlady Jean, and she sent a maintenance guy right over. Meanwhile, Little Brother and I are dying of this mystery stink. When the nice man finally arrived, he couldn't smell it. ( I really thought I was crazy or having a stroke or something, except that L.B could also smell it) So anyways, Chris, the guy, is looking all around our linen closet, and asks us why we turned the breaker off. We reply honestly that we didn't. Jean had me check it when I first called, and when I noticed it was off, I flipped the switch like you are supposed to and BAM we had hot water again. But the smell had come back too..and the only thing I did between calling Jean and the arrival of Chris was wash the few dishes that we had from over the weekend. Surprisingly, there weren't many, but a fridge full of cheeseburgers means you don't have to cook, therefore no dishes. :) So, somehow me doing the dishes and using the hot water made the breaker trip again. Chris left for a bit, and came back to let us know we'd be getting a new hot water heater the next day. (That's today! Hooray!!) But while we wait, we don't have hot water, which means no showers. Thankfully, none of us smell too bad.
                                                This is what I felt like after a cold shower...

Also, hubs is staying home from school today because he's sick. If' you've ever met hubs, you know he's the toughest SOB around. But he's been laid low by a nasty flu like bout of Yuck that includes coughing, spitting and an ear ache. He must be miserable if he's giving up school. Right now he's sitting next to me at his desk, wheezing and generally feeling awful. I'm gonna baby him so bad today, nothing but tea, toast and something spicy for dinner for my sweetheart! I may even try to convince him to take a nap with me! OO I love taking a nap! If we hadn't just woken up, I'd suggest it right now! His poor voice is all froggy too....awww. So, while I can't take a shower or do any kind of dishes or anything else that requires hot water, I think I'm going to coddle my hubs, write to you all and make some kind of breakfast. I wonder how many cheeseburgers we have left...

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